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Operating since 1979

The Gwydir Carapark and Thermal Pools has been operating since 1979 and is enjoying a strong growth with the increasing number of travellers. Over the years we have constructed 6 Artesian Thermal Pools ranging in temperature from 39 degrees to 28 degrees including a 25 Metre Artesian water warm lap pool . In 1996 we had bore drilled onsite to allow us to tap in to the curative and soothing powers of the mineral rich Artesian waters , The continual flow of this wonderful water keep our pools the same temperature year round .

We cater for all types of accommodation including camping, caravanning, cabins and villas and our Modern well equipped and spacious 14 room motel which opened in March 2013 , due to high demand for our Motel we began adding to our Motel style accommodation in late 2019 with Luxury poolside cabins, with the first of a series of these already in use , these are are a very spacious and well equipped motel layout rooms .

The Gwydir thermal pools motel and caravanpark provides the ideal setting for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of work and busy lifestyles